Government help for innovative business people. Tax concessions, grants and more.


Assists companies win overseas business for their products.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australia ‘s official statistical organisation… CPI, Economic and Social indicators and more.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The competition watchdog… ensuring an equal playing field.

Australian Guide to Doing Business Online

Resources and information for doing business online.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Enforcing and regulating company and financial services law.

Australian Taxation Office

All things tax related.

Business Entry Point

Online government resource for business… start up, taxation, licensing, ABN register and registrations.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Federal government support in linking people to jobs and supporting fair and flexible workplaces.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advances the interests of Australia and Australians internationally.

IP Australia

Protect your intellectual property rights.

Office of Fair Trading – NSW

Treating your customers fairly – the only way to operate.

Office of Industrial Relations

Industrial awards, rights, responsibilities and more.

Office of State Revenue NSW

NSW State taxes including stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax.

State Business Chamber

NSW Peak Business Chamber.


Administers and enforces compliance with Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation legislation.